Saturday, January 21, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - Purple Passions

I didn't make much progress on setting my purple nine patches last weekend, so that will be first up this morning.  Everything is all cut and ready to sew.  Finishing up the purple row won't take long at all.
Kurt has taken two of the kiddos off to an all day Lego Robotics tournament and the third is all engrossed in her science fair project.  Looks like a good sewing day for me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Backings are the Second B

 I really wanted to use this turkey print on the back of OMG.  It didn't play nicely with any of the other high yardage fabrics in the stash, so I went searching and found a nice aqua and lime paisley print at the fabric store not far from the binding fabric.
 A framed square is my favorite pieced backing.  It looks like it is on purpose, but can be used with a nice combination of whatever lengths are available.  Lizzie came to help of course, she is a great fan of quilts.
This was her helping me with the borders yesterday.  She's great company.
When all was said and done, this is how much extra fabric was left.  Yikes!  Maybe I cut that a little too close?  I any case,  I sewed.  On a school night!  Shocking I know.  Kurt is out at volleyball and he will bring Ryan home from Robotics on his way.  Anna is starting to drive herself now and Sydney decided to skip lacrosse.  Just another nice calm weeknight.  I guess I'd better get everything up off the floor before everyone else decides to start traipsing across the family room.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Border Patrol

As soon as a quilt get spread out on the floor, Lizzie is right there to help with the final inspection.  Both borders are on and the back got partially pieced before pizza showed up for dinner.  Sunday is usually pizza night, but we postponed it in honor of the three day weekend.  
After the pizza was safely away, I pulled out the broken dishes quilt to take a few more stitches.  Even though all the center blocks aren't quite done, I cheated and got a start on the borders.  I got quite a bit done while we enjoyed Alice Through the Looking Glass as a family.  

Design Floor Monday

It took all of Saturday to get OMG It's  a Churn Dash ironed and ready for borders.
After auditioning several options, I decided on pink and teal.  There was enough pink for a thin inner border, but nothing with enough yardage for a wide outer border.  Off to the fabric store!
First though, I pulled some backing options.  All the new fabric has been through the wash now and after a bit more time with the iron, I'll be down on hands and knees again for the rest of borders and backings.  
Happy Martin Luther King day!  So happy to have an extra weekend day to play.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Funday

 I spent most of yesterday pressing OMG.  SO many seams!  I should have planned better how they would nestle while I was making the blocks.  That failure led to a lot of manual seam turning during assembly, which meant that all the seams needed to be re-pressed in the flimsy so that they would lie flat.  Planning!  So over rated.  Thanks to lots of spray starch and many hours with a hot iron, it is now flat as a pancake and stiff as a board.
I initially pulled a traditional red and blue for double borders.  Now that I am looking at the picture of the finished flimsy though, I see a huge lime green band on the large central diagonal with hot pink bands on either corner.  I might pull something along those lines and see if it is too bright.  
 First though, I might finish another broken dishes block or two.  It is a three day weekend, which leaves me with an extra day to sew!  Yesterday lost a lot of time to putting away Christmas and catching up on laundry.  Today the kids are asking for movies.  Tomorrow is all for me.  I wonder what I will be able to get done?
I am linking up with Oh Scrap and Slow Stitching Sunday today.  You should visit and see what everyone else is up to before you get going on your day.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday #2

Many moons ago, I started using monochromatic nine patches with two inch squares as leaders and enders.  First I made Mai Tai Sunrise.  The alternate blocks are frames nine patches. 
It was so much fun that I kept making nine patches the next year and turned them into these double framed versions.  This one was called Nine Carat Diamonds.  
So last year I had more nine patches, and set them aside to set as a square in a square with alternating light and dark triangles.  These guys still need to be finished.  I have several finished rows and plenty of nine patches I think. They just need the corner triangles and a bit of assembly.  
So, speaking of finishing and assembling things.  I could not help but to notice last week that A LOT of us keep making blocks year after year and failing to turn them into finished quilts!  It seemed to be the recurring theme of last weeks post from all of our returning rainbow scrap quilters.  So, in an effort to encourage a bit more finishing, I am planning to have a special linky party on the last day of each month.  It will be reserved for finished rainbow scrap challenge quilts.  The first linky will come on Tuesday January 31st.  Start thinking now about whether or not you have a not quite finished rainbow scrap project in the wings that could be put together in time.  Any finished top will do.  It doesn't even have to be quilted yet to qualify.  
Until then though, every Saturday will still be business as usual.  Misterlinky is ready to go today for all of your regular rainbow scrap progress.  January is all about purple this year.  

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Slow Stiching Sunday

 Yesterday it snowed.  So exciting!  We are all ill prepared though.  No coats, no gloves, no snow shovels or ice scrapers.  Honestly it was more ice than snow, but the kids thought it was super fun.
 Mostly, we have been gathered at Pop's house.  The Ohio and Atlanta bunch showed up ahead of the storm, but we have lost lots of other family members to canceled flights and icy highways.  We play cards, and eat, and there has been some napping as you can see.
I made sure to bring along plenty of hand stitching to keep me feeling productive.  I am happy to have these WIP cases to keep my work organized and ready to go. They hold plenty of circles. Hopefully these will be done soon.  The Broken Dishes Blocks are seeing nice progress.  I used a frixion pen to mark the quilting.  So far I really like how clear and sharp the lines are.  I hope that I will still like it when it comes time to remove the marks.  I practiced of course and it worked really well.  Most of the middle is done I think.  I am looking forward to moving on to the borders soon.
I hope that you are all finding some time to slow down and take a few stitches on this day of rest.  If not, you can still visit Kathy and enjoy other people's hand work at Slow Stitching Sunday.   

Saturday, January 7, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday 2017 #1

Welcome to the first Rainbow Scrap Challenge Linky Party of 2017!  Purple will be the color for January this year.  So grab a bin of purple and get ready to sew.
Today is the day for experienced rainbow scrap quilters to share finished projects from this year or from years past.  Feel free to link up as many times as you like.  No need to create a new post, just take us back to the original post you used to share your finished RSC quilt.
It is also the day to share your plans for the new year.  Tell us what blocks and patterns you would like to try out this year.   If there is a link or tutorial for available, we would love to have a link to that as well.  Including it in your post will help everyone else as they settle on plans for the new year.  
The most important part?  After you link up, be sure to visit as many other people as you can and offer encouragement and kind comments.  We will be back every Saturday to follow along.  Feel free to link up as often as you like, and please don't feel guilty if you can't stop by every week.  Life happens after all.  The number one rule at RSC is that there is no quilt guilt allowed.  This is a hobby after all, not a job.  It is supposed to be fun.
While you are here.  Feel free to go over to the right hand margin and grab my brand new button.  If you copy the html code under it into a new gadget on your own blog, the button will show up.  Then all you have to do is click that button to come right back to my blog.  Handy right?

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Button Try Again

Getting harder this year due to new HTTPS settings.  I will figure this out.  I promise.

I used to use Grab My Button.  But it doesn't seem to like the new security settings on blogger. Instead I found a new site.  The Grab Button Builder.  It seems to be working.  I would love it if someone would try to copy the html code into a new gadget on their own blog and let me know if it works.  
We are all hanging out in North Carolina watching the weather as we wait for people to show up from out of town for the memorial service on Sunday.  Not a great time for traveling, but these things can't be helped.  

New Button

I make a new button exactly once each year.  I always have to relearn the process because I don't do it often enough to remember.  I seem to remember that posting a picture online is the first step though.  I'll let you know when I get everything figured out and will post some directions and a link over in the right hand border at the top.  Wish me luck!